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Various Types of Garage Doors

The type of garage doors that are usually used in residential garages include side-opened doors, retractable doors, canopy doors, up and over Garage Doors, and sectional retractable doors. Modern garage doors are much more durable, reliable, long-lasting, usable and safe as compared to old garage doors.

Modern garage doors also have new features such as automatic door opening, remote control, rolling code and more. These garage doors are aesthetically beautiful and are designed in a way to increase security. Old garage doors are rolled up manually whereas the new ones come with automatic door openers, which makes them the best alternative. You can also check out garage doors Santa Ana companies to get the best design of garage doors.

If your home garage has small space then you can choose latest designed garage door like up and over doors. These garage doors open and close vertically and are easy to use. This allows vehicles to park within measures of the door without reducing any functionality. If you are looking for the latest garage doors then you can also visit orange county garage doors companies online.

Three types of garage doors material are mostly used, namely wood, steel, and fiberglass. All of the main garage door materials have their own benefits. Wood doors are very expensive but they have a beautiful look. However, these doors also need more maintenance and a service in every couple of years. You will also need to re-paint the wooden doors in order to protect them from the water.

Steel doors are very popular and are value for money. Mostly steel doors are less costly and need low maintenance. These doors are available in large variety of designs and style.

Fiberglass garage doors are cheaper and also need very low maintenance. These doors are a great addition to any home. For more cleaning, you can mix a half cup of detergent in the water to wash both steel or fiberglass garage door twice a year.

Garage doors are a good and low-cost method to increase your home’s security and appearance. Garage doors are usually the most visible building part other than the siding on your home. You can also have a peek here to get more knowledge about garage doors.